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Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • What services does your visa consultant agency provide?
    Indian Visa offers comprehensive visa consulting services, specializing in facilitating e-Visa applications for international travelers visiting India.
  • How does the application process work?
    Our streamlined process involves submitting e-Visa applications on behalf of international visitors. We handle documentation, submission, and liaison with the relevant authorities.
  • Is Indian Visa a government-affiliated organization?
    No, we are a private, 'for-profit' entity. We are not affiliated with the Government of India, which remains the sole issuing authority for e-Visa approvals.
  • What fees are charged by your agency?
    We charge service fees, inclusive of the visa fees mandated by the Government of India. Our fees cover the facilitation and consultancy services provided during the e-Visa application process.
  • What sets your agency apart from others?
    Our team of professionals is handpicked for their expertise in e-Visa facilitation. We are committed to answering international tourists' queries promptly, ensuring a transparent and efficient process.
  • How is applicant privacy protected?
    At Indian Visa, we prioritize applicant privacy. All information collected is strictly for visa approval purposes, and we do not share details with any third party or organization.
  • What happens if a visa application is rejected?
    In the event of rejection, we provide rejection proof unconditionally. We remain transparent throughout the process, ensuring clients have a clear understanding of their application status.