Instructions for Applicant


Most Popular Destinations.

Step 1: Understanding Application Guidelines

Start your application with caution; submitting multiple applications against the same passport number can lead to rejections by the Government of India.
Complete only one application per passport, ensuring accuracy in details as applications cannot be amended, canceled, or refunded post-submission.
Review submitted details thoroughly before making the payment to avoid discrepancies.

Who Can Apply Online?

e-Visa categories include e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa, e-Medical Attendant Visa, and e-Conference Visa. Tourists from eligible countries can apply for e-tourist Visas for recreational purposes, sightseeing, or meeting acquaintances.

Step 2: Choosing Visa Type

Decide on the appropriate e-Visa type based on the purpose of your visit: tourism, medical treatment, business, or attending conferences.

Step 3: Timely Application Submission

Apply for an e-visa at least four days before your planned arrival in India.

Step 4: Immigration Facilities

Ensure your entry point in India has immigration facilities. Major airports and seaports across India offer these facilities.

Step 5: Apply via Our Website

Apply conveniently through our website, where our dedicated team assists throughout the application process, ensuring your information's privacy.
It's crucial to note that while we assist in the application process, e-visa approval solely lies with the Indian government. We provide unconditional proof in case of visa rejection.

For further assistance or inquiries, our 24/7 customer care is available. Contact us at [+91-9876543210] or email us at []. Your journey to India begins with ease through Indian Visa Online.